Your ultimate path to becoming a high-level guitarist.

At Kiko Loureiro Guitar Academy you will have access to:

Unique methods to develop your technique and musicality, even if you have limited time to practice.

Music theory, harmony, and scales made simple.

Monthly hangouts with Kiko that go beyond guitar scales.

Engaged guitar aficionados’ community to share and exchange musical experiences

The secrets and breakdown of Kiko’s most elaborate compositions.

New content added every month.

Meet your teacher

Kiko Loureiro has played guitar for over 30 years and has performed worldwide. As the lead guitarist of the legendary band Megadeth, he won the “Best Metal Performance” Grammy Award for the song “Dystopia.”

He is co-founder of the acclaimed Brazilian heavy metal band Angra, awarded with gold records and several music prizes.

With a solid solo career, the guitarist and multi-instrumentalist released 5 instrumental albums that explore his guitar and musical virtuosity.

Kiko is an experienced teacher and mentor. He has transformed the playing and the careers of over 10,000 musicians throughout his career.

Kiko Loureiro has given lectures, seminars, and clinics in over 50 countries.


Who is Kiko Loureiro Guitar Academy for?

Guitarists of all levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)

Guitar enthusiasts

Musicians in general

exclusive content added every month

A guitar academy like you've never seen before.

Join the exclusive streaming sessions and practice together with Kiko.

Kiko Loureiro breaks down his most elaborate compositions telling the secrets behind the whole process. 

A monthly hangout with Kiko Loureiro that goes beyond guitar scales.

High-quality material to help you improve your solos and improvising.

Unique methods to develop your technique and musicality, even when you have limited time to practice.

From Modes to Music. In-depth course about scales.

A monthly seminar to push your skills to new heights.

Everything you need to know to master technique and create powerful metal riffs.

How much does Kiko Loureiro guitar academy cost?

Guitar Hacks

USD 229.00

7 Factor

USD 229.00

Monthly Master Classes

USD 947.00

Community Membership

USD 89.00

21 Licks Vol 1 and 2 - Tabs

USD 70.00



USD 1564.00

USD 219.00

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